Six Foods In A Snap When Camping Or On The Road This Summer

Take some help and try something simple with some quick food fixes when you are camping or traveling this summer. These are ideal for those families on the road with children, providing them with something tasty in minutes. This also makes it far easier to pack and take foods in the cooler, and easier to prepare at a campsite like Longriders RV Park.

Try these six quick food fixes on your next road-trip or camping excursion:

Clean up is easy with cereal bowls and milk in the morning.

Many kids enjoy a bowl of breakfast cereal in the morning, but dragging cereal and gallons of milk along when camping may be a pain. A great way around this is to pre-fill Styrofoam bowls with cereal and sprinkle them with dry milk powder. Cover, and when ready to eat, simply add a splash of water and stir!

Freeze eggs to be ready to cook without breakage.

Eggs are a must when camping, and these make a great staple that is quick and easy to prepare. Rather than risk breaking your eggs in the cooler, crack them ahead of time and freeze them in an ice-cube tray, one egg per cube, to pack easily. These will thaw quickly and won't get crushed in your cooler by accident.

Enjoy a mason jar salad for lunch.

If you want some simple salads for lunch or as a side, but don't want to be bothered with cutting all of those veggies at the campsite, prep your salad ahead of time. Fill mason jars with individual-sized portions of salad, and keep dressing separately until ready to serve. This eliminates dirty dishes, too, and these jars fit just fine in a cooler.

Toss these easy baked apples on the fire.

Want a quick and tasty dessert or snack that doesn't take a lot of effort to prepare? Cut apples in half and remove the cores ahead of time. Combine chilled butter, spices, cinnamon, and a couple spoons of brown sugar, and fill the cavities of the apples with this mixture. Wrap each half in foil, stash in the cooler, until you are ready to toss these packets on the fire for a warm baked apple that everyone will enjoy.

Stuffed peppers that are all ready for the grill.

Stuffed peppers taste especially delicious when they are cooked on a grill or open fire. Prepare raw meat, rice, and a sauce mixture to fill the cored peppers, and wrap them in foil. Keep them in the cooler until you are ready to place them on the grill to cook for a quick and easy meal in a hurry.

End the day with easy waffle cone s'mores.

S'mores are a great way to end the day when camping or sitting by a roaring fire. These are easy to throw together but can be a mess for little hands to eat. Try this method for the best s'mores with a twist:

  • Fill waffle ice cream cones with chopped fruits, nuts, mini-marshmallows, and chocolate chips.
  • Wrap each cone in a sheet of tinfoil or aluminum wrap.
  • Place the wrapped cones on the fire or grill for a few minutes to melt.
  • Serve with a spoon for a tasty, less-messy treat.

These six solutions make it easy to feed hungry kids and get a meal on the table quick when camping or vacationing. These may also be some easy ways to prepare meals ahead of time, during the sultry summer when you have far better things to do than spend all of your time at a hot stove!