4 Fun Indoor Skydiving Tricks You Need To Try

If you regularly enjoy indoor skydiving at an indoor sports center, up your game with these five fun indoor skydiving tricks.

The Front Flip

The first trick that you should master is the front flip. This is one of the most common indoor skydiving tips, and is one of the easiest to start with. When you do this trick, make sure that you have at least one or two body lengths between you and the indoor skydiving fan; you shouldn't do this trick when you are right on top of the fan.

Doing a front flip is pretty simple. You need to tuck in your head and your shoulders, and push your body forward. Your body will flip forward. Pull your head and shoulders up to stop the flipping.

The Barrel Roll

Another easy trick to do when skydiving indoors is the barrel roll. The barrel roll is very similar to the front flip; you will need to tuck in your head and shoulders. This time, however, you need to pull your knees in as well. Your whole body should be tucked. You will then continue to flip or roll as long as you keep your body tucked. You should be able to complete multiple rolls.

The Super Man

Another fun move to pull when you are skydiving indoors is the Superman. For this trick, you just need to strike the classic Superman pose. Put both hands on your hips, and push your chest forward. Then, go into the flying Superman position by bringing up one knee, and extending one of your arms up in the air. You'll get to feel like you are the flying superhero.

If you want, you can even tilt your body in different directions while in this pose to get a better feeling of flying like a superhero.

Striking A Pose

Finally, have a little fun and make up your own trick! After you try the three tricks above, use what you have learned about how your body responds while in the air to make your own pose. Just be sure that you strike your pose before you hit the bottom; you want to make sure that you have enough room to have some fun.

The next time you go skydiving indoors, try striking one of the four tricks above. Ask your instructor for more detailing information about how to perform each of these poses safely. Finally, remember to perform these poses when you are at the top of your fall; not right before you hit the fan. For more information about skydiving, contact a company like Skydive Burnaby.